Life at R2

We R2gether

R2 continually goes above and beyond to invest in our committed employees. Acknowledging the importance of a motivated and well-supported team consisting of outstanding individuals, our goal is to establish ourselves as leaders in the worldwide Tech Recruitment industry.

Cloud & Data Recruitment offers unrivalled opportunity

At R2, we’re constantly working to build the best working life possible. Our team is located all over the world whilst collectively enjoying an exciting range of opportunities.

R2 team hard at work in our modern office
Inside the office

Experience the future of work at our innovative company, blending remote flexibility and a vibrant central office. Energize your mornings with bike rides and refresh in our convenient on-site showers. Personalize your workspace with versatile sitting and standing desks. Relax during breaks in dynamic breakout areas with pool tables, foosball, and gaming consoles. Indulge in weekly Milkshake Wednesdays, fostering rejuvenation and connection with colleagues.

Outside the office

Join our team and unlock unparalleled benefits with our top-tier commission structure, offering potential earnings exceeding £100,000 per year! Ignite your sense of adventure through thrilling outdoor team events, fostering camaraderie and community impact. Explore global mobility opportunities, including UK to US transfers, expanding horizons and advancing your career prospects. Embracing a Family First philosophy, we prioritize work-life balance and unwavering support for your loved ones. Thrive in a company that values your growth, well-being, and successes.

R2 team enjoying an outdoor hike together
R2 team enjoying a rewarding vacation in Ibiza
Other incentives

Join our team and pursue excellence, unlocking incredible rewards for exceptional performers! Stand out and be rewarded with prestigious Rolex watches or luxury vacations in the Caribbean. Experience the thrill of VIP seats at renowned sporting events and indulge in 5-star getaways to Ibiza or the stunning Alps, exclusively reserved for our outstanding achievers. Monthly, we celebrate success and foster a culture that recognizes and values hard work and dedication. Embrace an environment that celebrates your accomplishments and offers unforgettable experiences on your path to greatness!

Don’t just take our word for it…

R2 offered new opportunity

“I joined R2 straight from University. Having studied Law, I had no prior experience of recruitment or sales, but felt really excited to be joining a young and dynamic team. The training and support has been amazing and has resulted in two promotions. Joining R2 was the best decision I could have made for my career”.

 Louisa – Senior Recruiter

I now have the challenge I was looking for

“So many of my friends were joining companies that offered little in the way of career development. What attracted me most about R2 was that the opportunities available to me were clearly laid out. I always know where I am in my development and what I need to achieve to progress to the next level. I know that in a couple of years from now I could be managing my own team and that’s exciting”.

David – Senior Recruiter

I look forward to Mondays!

“Recruitment can be very high pressured and competitive, but the team at R2 are like nothing I have worked with before. Everyone supports each other and will go out of their way to help you. On lunch breaks we usually have a lot of fun by challenging each other to games of pool or foosball. The room is always full of laughter”.

Paige – Senior Recruiter

Recruitment is highly rewarding

“What I love about R2 is that we are rewarded for hard work. As well as regular cash incentives, we have the opportunity to go on 5 star VIP holidays. Last Summer I got the opportunity to go to Ibiza with other members of the team. The company hired a boat for us to hang out on all day. It was an incredible experience”.

Ryan – Managing Recruitment Consultant

Our Values


As a team we produce better results than the sum of our individual efforts. We listen, encourage, support through highs and lows in order to win together


Winning isn’t easy, but we know what it takes. We dig deep, work hard, celebrate our achievements and keep going


R2 provide an opportunity to earn, learn, progress your career and have a ton of fun along the way


We make solutions not excuses, treat our failures as steppingstones to greatness and celebrate our successes together


We are a meritocracy and we reward success accordingly. We celebrate the small victories, big wins and reap the reward of our success together

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Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations